Thursday, August 19, 2021

Places to Find Scrap Metal for Your New Side Hustle

Are you trying to find a great side hustle and aren't sure where to start? You might want to consider looking into a scrap metal business. Metal prices remain pretty consistent, and you should find many places where you can buy these items. Here are just a few excellent options that make work the best for your needs. Consider each of these choices carefully to ensure that you end up satisfied.

Places to Find Metal 

If you're interested in a scrap metal side hustle to make a surprising amount of money, you may want to consider the following business options. Often, many facilities have an incredible amount of metal just lying around and not being used. However, if you're smart about where you visit, you can find an excellent range of options that will keep you scraping for a long time, including:

  • Local Auto Shops – Often, you may find that many auto shops (notably smaller local options) have a lot of scrap metal left over from various repairs and upgrades. They are usually willing to sell these metals to others, though you may find that they have other dealers to sell their metal. Try to give them better prices to thrive and make better deals for your scrap metal side hustle. 
  • Retail Stores – Larger retail stores (especially outlets) often have an excess amount of various items that they just can't sell. Some of these items may include different types of scrap metal items, such as shelves. Talk to your local retail shops about these items and set up a deal. You can buy and move these items for them, as long as they set them aside for you and don't throw them away. 
  • Plumbing Teams – What do plumbers do with old metal pipes that they remove from homes? Usually, they either recycle them or throw them away. Some might even sell them for cash. If you find a team willing to sell to you, it is a good idea to buy these pipes and repurpose them for sale. Doing so can give you a surprising amount of money at a more than reasonable price. 
  • Computer Repair Firms – A surprising number of computers have a reasonable amount of gold throughout their design. If you collect old computer repairs from repair stores or even thrift shops (where old and unusable parts are often available), you can sell them to scrap metal companies collecting gold. In this way, you can make a surprisingly good amount of money. 
  • Antique Shops – Go to a high-quality antique shop to look for jewelry and other metal items. Often, you can buy these products for a surprisingly good deal and make a decent amount of money simultaneously. However, you might need to haggle a little at such shops because some may overprice jewelry items, believing that they are worth more money than they are in reality. 

Other options to consider include shooting ranges (which may have brass gun shells), hospitals and other medical clinics (which may have scrap wheelchairs and other devices), and farms (likely to have an excess of metal items throughout their property). Finding a good and steady supply of scrap metal will give you the best chance of meeting the needs of your many customers with ease.

Making Good Money on Scrap 

If you're interested in this side hustle, there are many places where you can sell the metal. Shops like Monte de Piedad and many others will carefully inspect the items you bring and give you a fair amount of money for the metal's value.


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