Sunday, August 08, 2021

Eye Without A Face Is A Must See! Available on Digital, DVD and On Demand 8/10

Director Ramin Niami‘s Eye Without a Face, a modern twist on Rear Window, comes to digital this August from Gravitas Ventures.


Henry, an agoraphobic and anxious young man living in Los Angeles, hacks into the webcams of various selected young women who inhabit the city. He watches over them in their daily lives, seeing himself as their guardian angel. When his new charming roommate Eric, a Youtuber and struggling actor pushes him to get out into the real world, he unknowingly puts Henry in danger. And as Henry starts to suspect one of the women he watches, Laura, of being a killer, everything starts to spiral out of control.


Featuring stunning cinematography by Tara Violet Niami, and a mesmerizing score by Charlie Clouser, Eye Without A Face is written and directed by Ramin Niami, director of the acclaimed films Somewhere in the City, Babe’s & Rickey’s Inn and Shirin in Love.


Says Niami, “Nowadays, we are constantly being watched. On the radio, I heard about a female college student who found nude photos of herself on the Internet. The FBI discovered that her webcam was hacked and that a fellow college student had  taken these images when she was changing in her college dorm room in revenge because she had rejected him for a date. This story inspired me to create a modern Rear Window.”


Starring hot young actors Dakota Shapiro (“The Affair”), Luke Cook (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, “Katy Keene”), and Vlada Verevko (“Beauty and the Beast”), Eye Without A Face will be available On Demand and Digital August 10 from Gravitas Ventu

The 411:

I friggin loved this movie,  Henry played by Dakota Shapiro is the perfect antagonist. He played him perfectly. Awkward, shy, tortured and suffering.  I also Loved the way he was filmed. Close up on his eyes, the window to the soul as he watched over his “friends”, the women he watches from his room. Suffering from agoraphobia Henry spends his day sitting at the computer, drinking his milk and watching various women he feels his knows everything about. It is creepy AF as this voyager taps into their webcams and spies on unsuspecting women as they live their daily lives. When Henry sees what looks like a murder he confides in his YouTube roommate a dude named Eric who I couldn’t help but think he was the reason for Henry’s troubles. Or was it when Henry stopped taking his medication forcing him to spiral into fits of manic and depressed, raged by nightmares and visions that have him second guessing what is dream and what is real. 

Honestly I see a lot of crap movies. This was not crap. 

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  1. Sounds like a good movie! One I plan on watching soon.


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