Saturday, July 03, 2021

My Life In Pictures - March 1 - March 14

March 1 - March 4

March 5 -  Mask Face! This is my daily face. I am so over the mask.

March 6 - My husband made a slop/utility sink for between our washer and dryer. It is a very small section so the sink measurements had to be exact. I love it! 

March 7 - Skittle art!

March 8 - NADA

March 9 - Just a little orb art.

March 10 - This is Sage. Sage is round. Don't be like Sage

March 11 - More of me with a mask. It makes me hot and gives me a headache. Can we be done with the masks yet? 

March 12 -  Luna and Stormy

March 13 - My girl has complained about her eyebrows for the past 4 years. She never wanted to do her brows because her rational which makes sense was that they are such a big part of her face and if they are screwed up, it would mess up her whole face and also if too much was taken off. people woudl notice. Being noticed, is NOT something my daughter wants. 

I took her to a place and talked her into just getting a trim. It was a baby step and today after going 2 times since this day she has asked for me to make another appointment. 

March 14 - I painted a bunch of Dollar Tree bird houses for our flower boxes. They are so cute. 

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