Friday, July 02, 2021

My Life In Pictures - February 13 - February 24

February 13 - I made the fabulous Feta and Tomato Pasta everyone was making. It was delicious.

February 14 - My girl and I 

February 15 - Been making God's Eye since learning how this month. A little obsessed. 

February 16 - 

February 17 - Science with my toddlers. I was showing them how we get rain.

February 18 - I was feeling cold and decided it was a good day to get under a comforter and watch a favorite. Anyone else love this movie? 

February 19 - I hoped this mask would be what I needed for my toddler class to see my face. The only problem was that it would get condensation all over it so much so it would drip down to my chin. Who knew I was so damn moist?

February 20 - Luna helping Goddess do homework.

February 21 -  This was the first day my daughter did volunteer work without me at her side. I took this photo as she and her bestie headed into the building alone looking like big girls. Be still my heart, she has to grow up some day.

February 22 - More snow. It was a very snowy month.

February 23 -  The winter sky has me pulling over every morning on my way to work. I love all the colors against the monochrome foreground.

February 24 - There were so many great photos to share for this day but I promised myself I would post only one per day. This was A for Alligator. My class  loved playing in the brown water (just water with a drop of brown paint.  

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