Sunday, December 13, 2020

Give The Gift Of Wine! I Did!!!

2020 was a very interesting year. I am not seeing any of my extended family this year which means I needed to send out quite a lot of gifts, usually I send only to my dad and uncle as I don’t see them but this year it would be my in laws including my sister-in-laws and in-laws, newly engaged niece and 25 year old niece. 

Dad and my Uncle usually get a treat with some wine but after 3 weeks of stressing over gifts for everyone I decided to send the necessities this year which is toilet paper. Everyone got a case of TP and a few bottles of wine. Thankfully I found WTSO the Zulily of wine stores. 

Unlike typical wine clubs, WTSO has no membership fees, no deposits, and no surprises, as every step is entirely in your hands. Don’t like a bottle? WTSO offers a 100% guarantee. “If a customer isn’t completely satisfied they’ll get a refund or replacement with no questions asked,” promises Arking. No-risk temptations, free shipping, wine at your doorstep on demand.

The team at WTSO (Wines ‘Til Sold Out) travels the globe to handpick wines, from famous selections by some of the world’s most prestigious wine brands to little-known treasures at local wineries.

AT WTSO quality is always key when it comes to wine delivery and sourcing. Every bottle on our online wine store is carefully selected, and each order dis gently hand-packed at a temperature-controlled fulfillment center. As a valued WTSO customer you can rest assured that your wine is found, processed, packed, and delivered properly. Additionally, each bottle is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee — we believe in our bottles, and we think you will too.

Whether you're a beginner with wine or a trained connoisseur, WTSO's wide and ever-changing selection could be ideal for you. Find value bottles in an instant , select top Premium wines for events, visit Weekly Tasting to indulge in sommelier curated gift sets, and more as you navigate though the world of wine with WTSO.

So far my uncle has received his package and was thrilled telling us we made his day. He laughed over the toilet paper with the note that said “for your booty” and had already opened the bottle as he was making his dinner. I hope everyone feels the same as they get their very odd but necessary gift! My coworkers thought it was a great idea. Come to think about it, wine and toilet paper delivered would make me very happy too. So if you are ever wondering what to send me, this is the perfect combination.

Happy holidays I wish you all a good cheer.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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