Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Top Career Options for Those Who Love Water Sports

It’s natural to want to turn a beloved hobby into a viable career option, especially if you’re young and trying to decide which career path to take. If you’ve been honing your strength and skill with a particular water sport for the majority of your life, then you’re probably wondering what you can do for a career to support this. 

Here are some great career options for those who love water sports. 

Sport Instructor

With any water sport comes the need to learn, and you could put your skills to good use by helping and teaching others to learn and participate in any chosen water sport. You could aim to become an instructor of a specific sport, or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at a few if you’re skilled at more than one. 

Instructors can open up their own instructor business so that learners can hire them privately for lessons, or you could see which opportunities are available in water sport hotspots, such as vacation complexes or those businesses at beaches or lakes. 

Furthermore, you can even offer instruction for other water sport activities, such as jet ski or boat hire, if you’re also skilled in sailing or using water equipment. 


If swimming is where your strengths lie and you’d like to turn your skills to having more responsibility for others (as well as spending all your time by the water, whether at a pool or the ocean) then a lifeguard could be a valuable career choice. 

This is a great option for those who already lead a highly active lifestyle and want more of an incentive to keep it up in order to pass their physical as a lifeguard!

Play Professionally 

Maybe you have athletic dreams of playing professionally in your favourite sport. A good way to develop your skills and get noticed is through seeking out scholarships for water sports, like with This will help you to study and progress in your chosen field in order to work towards a professional athletic career. 

Swimming Instructors 

Maybe you’d like to work at a local pool and give swimming lessons to those who need it. You could teach children and adults alike in providing private or group lessons to assist people in learning to swim. 

Water Aerobics 

You may have had dreams about becoming a fitness instructor, but want to stick close to the water. Becoming a water aerobics instructor is a great way to help people keep fit whilst being able to spend time in the water. 

There may be opportunities for water aerobics anywhere, such as local indoor pools, outdoor pools or even opportunities in other countries, such as classes offered at hotels, vacation complexes or on cruise ships. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for a career tailored around water sports can open up many opportunities for you around the world. As water sports are so popular, both as a healthy pastime and as a vacation activity, there will always be opportunities to put your skill and passion to good use.

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