Sunday, August 02, 2020

Skoon Is The Purrfect Cat Litter

As an owner of 3 cats, a pet sitter and avid volunteer at an animal shelter I can tell you that the biggest concern for cat owners is the litter box. It was why my husband didn’t want more cats in the house after we lost our cat baby years ago. My kids always asked for a pet and since I knew how much work was involved with owning a dog I kept my hope up for a cat. As soon as the kids and I started working at the shelter my husband knew we would eventually have one. He never planned for three but that is how it goes. 

We are quick to clean the litter box so there are no complaints from my husband with cat smells but there will always be some smell especially if you are out and they use the box. I have tried many litters over the past few years but last Saturday we tried Skoon and I am so happy we did!

Skoon is the litter brand that understands that while loving your cat is easy, cleaning that designated kitty bathroom is a whole other story. 

Skoon makes non-clumping litter “purr-fectly designed” for feline odor control and super easy maintenance for human convenience. Ensuring that the human-feline bond is one that will last as long as the planet, it’s doing its part to reduce carbon “pawprints” with pebbles that are inherently biodegradable.

My Siamese is probably the smartest and most curious of the my_3_catsss and we the most interested. He is the one who is toilet bowl trained. Only took him a month BTW so I was hoping he would NOT be interested in Skoon.  

Here is what I know:

Skoon is a pebble that absorbs any liquid and orders

When the pebbles are darker you replace them

There is ZERO tracking of litter.

There is no dust so it is better for your cats and you

Skoon DEFINITELY controls the smell! My husband admits that he doesn’t smell the litter box anymore., 

All three cats have used Skoon which comes in it’s own handy dandy litter box and when the litter needs changing, you just grab a new bag of Skoon and change out the “pebbles”.  You can even try it for yourself risk free. I am doing the monthly free delivery which will cost me $24.95 a month which is a bargain for three cats! 

After 7 days of use I am amazed. It is shocking how little clean up there is. This is a no clumping litter which means you only have to pick up the solids. Interestingly enough my cats are using their old box to poop and the Skoon box to pee. I think the Skoon box is small for my cats. We use a cattery size box so I might just jump a Skoon bag into their big box when it comes in. 

Come see what my cats think about Skoon

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