Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pet Grooming Kit PLUS

We have 3 cats and have tried embracing the hair issue with one of our long haired beauties but it is sometimes unbearable. Her fur is white and long. When your husband comes home telling you that people are picking long white hairs off his suit at work you know you have to do something.

The set comes with 5 pieces: 

Double Sided Grooming Glove. So whether you are left or right handed you can wear it. It has an adjustable wrist band and 259 bristles. My long hair cat loves it and while there was still hair flying around, the glove collected so much hair. She really hates being brushed but feels like she is being pet so allows us to groom her. I love this most of all.

Self Cleaning Deshedding Brush which my Siamese cat loves. He has had hip problems in the past so we are usually gentle with him. He doesn't love being brushed and since he is short hair we don't do it often. He loved this brush most. You simply push a button on the back which collapses the bristles for easy cleaning.

Oddly enough my grey tabby didn't love the other brushes but does love being brushed with the Shampoo Brush. I guess it massages her. She will come over the moment she sees it.

The kit also has 2 fur removal brushes. 1 full size and a travel size. It comes in a handy self cleaning sleeve so once you use it just put it in the sleeve to remove the hair.


To Purchase: Based on the price each piece is about $6.00. While I think that is high for some of the pieces, having them all and knowing that each cat likes something is a win.


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