Thursday, February 07, 2019

My Life In Photos January 21 - January 26

January 21 - Our home base weather station. My husband had asked for one last Father's Day then said, don't spend the money. I kept it in my Amazon cart and finally ordered it for Christmas. He loves it and it has become the place we all go every morning to see what is going on.

January 22 - I love how Sage is laying in the sun but has her paws over her eyes. So cute!

January 23 - This guy! I love how he was sitting in the chair he used to sit in when he was 2 years old. So damn cute. I seriously need to find a photo of him sitting in this chair.

January 24 -  When your boss knows what your soul is craving! Gifts from my boss make me so happy. She made me a charm bag for protection. Her hug was warm and our hearts met.  What she puts out into the universe is pure and magical.

January 25- This shot of Jinxy makes me so happy! Look at that derpy face.

January 26 - Home from an office party and I realized I never took any photos. Late, hair and make up a mess but it was good to get together outside of work and the food was amazing.

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