Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Not Great Pictures But I Love Them - Selfies

My son and I used to spend way more time together than we do now. He has been completely overtaken with Fortnight.

My daughter would go to bed before him and we would spend time together watching TV, rolling around laughing and hugging on my bed and eventually taking pictures of ourselves. These were taken with a Canon Powershot camera so I couldn't see if I was pointing at us and most of them came out blurry but I remember how we used to laugh and laugh at each other and try to make the craziest face we could.

He is still my sweet boy but will be 15 this month so our time together is mostly spent with him telling me what he wants, how his favorite sports team is doing, what is happening at school or how much I would love Fortnight if I played it.

I would give anything to turn back the clock for a little while and have this sweet little boy with the big brown eyes and the Go Diego Go pajamas on.

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