Monday, May 28, 2018

I Have Decided To Smell Like A Baby At 51

  • Baby Magic's Original Hair & Body Wash (SRP: $2.99) is a perfect hypoallergenic product for both baby and mom’s sensitive skin! This wash can be used to bathe a little one and also as a gentle makeup remover. Plus it’s also tear-free and perfect for taking off stubborn mascara! 

  • To keep your skin hydrated, Baby Magic’s Creamy Baby Oil (SRP: $2.99) is an amazing product to use after shaving! This Creamy Oil soothes and moisturizes skin and will give skin a beautiful glow.

The 411: 

I have missed this smell for years now and after using it I am wondering why I stopped buying it just because my kids grew up.

When I posted last week that my family and I were using it again a friend said she missed the smell. I told her to use it! It is incredible and makes me feel and smell good.  A reader mentioned that she uses the Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil on her legs after shaving. Can't say I blame her. It makes all the difference.  My legs feel smooth and silky and no oily feel afterward.

We have been using the Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash on us, the cat when she has a dirty bum and when my husband colors his beard it is what he uses on his face because he said he feels less irritation.

Friday my husband got a terrible burn on his head and shoulders while working on the house. I mixed the Creamy Baby Oil with Aloe and used it on his head and back. It glides smoothly and since his skin was super sensitive it was perfect. It has become our go to massage lotion.

Great for your skin
Gentle on your skin
The whole family can use it
Smells wonderful
You can find it anywhere

To Purchase:

I received complimentary products for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

Definitely will continue buying and using.

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