Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Thank You Arm & Hammer. My Kids Gym Lockers Don't Require Facemasks On Fridays

Managing foot odor in the Summer heat can be tough!  Enter the new ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray, a formula that eliminates the stench left in shoes after a long day. 

Whether it be smelly sneakers, sweaty hiking boots or clammy pumps from a day in the office, this product is certain to terminate any stink that gets in the way. 

With just a quick spray, shoes will smelling as good as new.

ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray, $5.99

  • Eliminates shoe and sneaker odor on contact
  • Unique targeted actuator sprays in any direction even upside down to conveniently spray where you need it
  • Sweat activated Fresh Guard® Technology refreshes and rejuvenates feet while extending the life of shoes, helmets and sports gear
  • Multi purpose refresher safe for all types of footwear, athletic equipment and gear

The ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray is available in the foot care aisle at Walmart and other select retailers.

So far we have used it on my husband's works shoes, my kids gym sneakers and even my water shoes and sandals.  I swear by this! It smells great and dries quickly. I used to hate Friday's when the gym sneakers came home for washing. They smelled horrible. 

This spray is perfect. There is mo saturation after spraying. I have even sprayed my sandal with my foot already in it.  Don' t judge!

I will be getting a bottle for everyone in the family and starting September the kids will be keeping it in their gym locker so they don't have to bring those shoes home every day. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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