Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Welch’s Fruit Cider K-Cup Giveaway Ends 3/4/18

Guys....have seen seen Welch's Fruit Cider K-Cups yet? Who doesn't love hot apple cider during the fall and winter months? I LOVE IT! It is my go to drink whenever we hit a pumpkin patch or a hay ride. Now I don't have to wait to get one, I can make one in my house with my Keurig.

Welch's Fruit Cider is pretty amazing and comes in four flavors:

Grape Apple Cider
Strawberry Apple Cider
Peach Apple Cider
Great Grape Taste
Classic Cinnamon

Made with real apples they are only 80 calories a cup and can be served hot or cold. I prefer hot. It is wonderful aromatic and reminds me of a hard fruit candy I used to eat when I was younger. My daughter thinks it is too sweet when it is hot and prefers hers with ice. So strange from a girl who loves her candy.

The K-Cups are fat free and caffeine free so feel free to share with your kids.

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Enter the Giveaway below before March 4th

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.


  1. I would like grape!


  2. Strawberry Apple Cider sounds good.


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