Sunday, November 20, 2016

Piper Was Afraid - Book, Stuffed Piper and Corneliu's The Mouse

Piper Was Afraid!! Piper is the main character of the children's book Piper was Afraid. He is a cute and cuddly companion that helps children be brave... especially at bed time. Piper comes with an adoption certificate as well as instructions on what to do if Piper gets scared! Piper also comes with Cornelius the mischievous mouse who can be found on every page throughout the book! "Piper was Afraid" is based on a real Irish Wolfhound named "Inspirations Bagpiper of Blackwatch" or Piper for short. He is a rescue dog and was adopted by the owners of The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange, Va.

The 411:

Piper and his sweet face and sad eyes make me so happy. I love the art work in the book so much.

In our story Piper is afraid of everything. The creaks from the floor, the horses that the other dogs played with, everything. He missed out on everything because was afraid. One day while everyone was away the power went out during a storm and Piper was all alone. He was so scared that he tried to hide under the stairs and got stuck until his family came home and helped him out, loving and hugging him. Piper decided he would never stay home alone and always be as brave as he can.

This is a great book for kids especially as they start having fears of the unknown like school, babysitters, visiting family, etc. Like Piper they can all be brave.

Each page also features our little friend Cornelius the Mouse. My daughter loved that Piper traveled with a friend so he wasn't afraid on his way to our home.

Even our Stormy loves Piper
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