Monday, November 21, 2016

Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Original Penguin doesn't only have men's clothes they have accessories, woman's and children's clothes as well as shoes and more but since my husband has started working in an office setting (he was blue collar for years) he has become much more fashion conscious. I would have never thought it when we were dating or even up until two years ago. He takes pride in looking professional and put together. Jeans and a T-Shirt or basic Henley don't do it anymore. He likes well made clothes that not only look good but feel good and make him feel good. So when I visited Original Penguin while searching for Christmas gifts I knew I just had to share.

They have men's button down shirts, sweaters, Polos, outerwear, jeans, swim trunk and more.  They also have wallets, belts, socks, ties, sunglasses and so much more but I am in love with their Premium Blend Fragrance Gift Set which was inspired by a coastal road trip with the smell of the sea breeze coming through the open windows.

I love when my husband wears cologne and then layers it with a shower gel and deodorant of the same scent.  One of my favorite times of the day are our good bye kisses when he hugs me so tight I get the smell of his cologne on me and get hit with it throughout the day. It is like a surprise reminder of him that lasts most of the day.


Original Penguin's Premium Blend opens with a cool, surge of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel and wild spearmint. The heart of the scent is marine and refreshingly green with a atmospheric curio of salty sea splash, Mediterranean rosemary and violet leaves. the background evokes a rustic infusion of fresh musk, driftwood and woody vetiver leaving a trail that is unrecognizable yet undeniably addictive.

  • Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4 oz)
  • Shower Gel (1.7 oz)
  • After Shave Balm (1.7oz)
  • Deodorant Stick (2.75 oz)
  • Mini Eau de Toilette Spray (0.25 oz)
  • $113 Value

I was going to wait until Christmas to give it to him but I honestly couldn't wait to smell it on him so he has it now. He loves layering his scent it is not something he has ever done before. He says it stays on longer and he enjoys the smell because "it is not too perfumy." Wait, is that even a word. Well that is what he said so I am sticking with it. He works a night job too so he has the small mini in his car so he can spray between jobs if he wants too. I can still smell him when he comes into bed at night.

My plan is to get him on more gift set and three ties before Christmas since he liked this so much.

What are you getting your man for Christmas? Is it for him or is it really for you like the cologne I get my husband?

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