Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday GIft Guide Robotic Newborns

Now kids everywhere can fall in love with these adorable kitties and puppies.
These lovable pets have special sensors so they know when you’re petting and talking to them.
Just turn them on and let the cuteness begin. These special little Newborns are sure to
capture your child’s heart.

Key Features:
⁕ Walks, sits, begs, AND jumps into your hand on command!
⁕ Program your puppy or kitty to sing!
⁕ Wiggles tail and ears and expressive eyes!
⁕ Interacts with you and other Tekno pets!

The 411:

We received a Tekno Newborn in September and love. The kitty walks (very slowly) and sings to you when you clap. There are two buttons on it's head and we had a problem with the ear falling off but for my daughter who doesn't have a live cat or dog she loves any robotic pet that sort of acts like a pet.

She loves how it flips into their air so she can catch it. Basically you push the baby's feet forward and press the button on top of his head. You will hear it with a little beep so you know it has happened. Once it does that they kitten or puppy will make a sounds a bark or in our case a Meow and will jump into your hand.

The kitty's come in pink and teal and are so cute and fun with lights, sounds and movement.

Tekno Pets interact with other Tekno Pets which is fun.

Kitty is cute
Kitty can do a few different things (jump, walk, beg and sing)
Kitty has lights and is touch sensitive
Kitty doesn't need to go out for a walk

Kitty is a little head heavy. She falls forward a lot.

Look for this on my Holiday Gift Guide 2016.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered and I am not employed by this company in any way.

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