Monday, July 18, 2016

The Good, The Random And the Fun

The Good would be my daughter and her friends spending time together over the summer (yes I know it is a winter tablecloth but it is what I have). I had received a face point review and the girls spent some time playing with the paint and decorating each other. If I could have hand picked my daughter's friends I would have chosen these girls to be my daughters middle school friends. Not a mean bone among them. They are so supportive of each other.

The Random would be this crazy egg butt. I opened a Jumbo egg into the pan and it had double yokes. I've seen this many times before but thought this one looked like a butt or maybe I am watching too much Naked and Afraid.

The Fun is all about these beautiful children. My kids and their friend Jewel or I should say my friend's daughter have known each other for 9 years. They are like siblings when they hang together. Love their faces!


  1. Nothing is worth as much as good middle school friends. I think the yolks look like a butt too. :)

  2. It is so important to have good friends in middle school.

  3. What a weird egg yolk! Pool fun in the summer is the best!
    Thanks for linking up!


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