Sunday, February 01, 2015

We Are Starting A Nerd Block Subscription For Handsome for His 12th Birthday @NerdBlockJr #UNBOXING

Last week I wrote about our Goddess loving Nerd Block Jr and how she want's a subscription to Nerd Block. Now Handsome is saying the same thing. This could truly be the easiest year for birthday gifts ever. 

Handsome received a boy box from Nerd Block Jr and did a fabulous job on his unboxing. I love listening to my boy talk on video. BTW..he is dying for me to change his online name but I told him it has been his online name since he is two years old. Hard for me to think of calling him anything else.

Handsome's unboxing

If you don't know what Nerd Block is yet let me tell you a little bit about it. Nerd Block is a mystery monthly box that gets delivered to your house.  You never know what will be in it but it will undoubtedly be filled with fun!

You select the type of theme box you want:

  • Mystery Box $13.99
  • Nerd Block $19.99
  • Arcade Block $19.99
  • Horror Block $19.99
  • Nerd Block Jr for Girls (age 6-11) $13.99
  • Nerd Block Jr for Boys (age 6-11) $13.99
Subscribing is so easy. Nerd Block knows how excited you will be to get your box so they stay in constant contact with their subscribers to tell them when their package is sent from their location. This way you can track it and get ready for the fun!
There is still 13 days to order the next Nerd Block before they start shipping.

Some photos of my Handsome's Nerd Block items. What kid wouldn't love getting a box like this every month? It's like Christmas every month!

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