Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Morton Salt Girl Spa Birthday Party Was A Blast #MortonSaltGirl100

Getting together with girlfriends has become very important to my well being and this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate a girl who many of us cannot do without.

The Morton Salt Girl is 100 years old. If you are like me, you remember the canister sitting above your families stove when you were a little girl. Now my little girl gets to hold a massive Morton Salt canister filled with some Morton products.

We were so excited to open this and find so many fun products. A yellow umbrella, packs of Morton colored M&Ms, cocktail napkins, balloon ties, salt and Epson salt and more!

We were fortunate enough to threw 1 out of 100 Morton Salt Parties to mark the 100th birthday of Morton Salt!

My girlfriends and I had some appys, homemade pizza, some drinks, and a whole lot of chick chat. Life is good when you have friends. 

The pizza was delish!

We had a great time as we discussed, parenting, recipes, drinks and education as well as the small talk that accompanies female get togethers. Basically, we covered it All baby.

Our favorite part was the fact that we could host a spa party using Morton Salt. Who knew? 

We followed the Morton Spa Party instructions on our suggestion card and ended up laughing our butts off as we rubbed salt into each others feet. It is amazing how close you suddenly find yourselves when you are rubbing each other's feet. 

We can tell you that the Morton Epson Salt was awesome!!! Just look how happy my friend Danielle (our host for the night) was when I gave her her hostess gift!

Thanks Morton! We had a blast!

Disclaimer: I was a participant of MommyParty through Mommy Select and received all everything I would need to host a fun get together for my friends. No monetary compensation was received.


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