Monday, March 17, 2014

My 9 Wishes For My Children

Sometimes I wonder how my life will be after my kids are older and have moved onto their own lives. It makes me sad to think that one day I won't be the first voice they hear in the morning or the last voice they hear before bed. That I won't be the person they call when they need to discuss something, tell me something amazing that happened to them or simply have something to share.

Goddess tells me that she is never leaving me and while I know this is often the statement of a soon to be 9 year old child, and it makes me happy to hear, I wouldn't want that for her or Handsome.  They need to soar and experience life and find their own path.

I have always said I don't own them. They aren't mine to keep. I will love them forever and always but my job is to make them good people the rest of the world doesn't mind being around.

My wish for my children:
  • Be strong minded and know what they want out of life and do what they need to do to achieve it
  • Have a sense of sense worth and know that you are very special and that not everyone needs to agree with you or even like you but that is OK because you are exactly who you are supposed to be and you are good!
  • The ability to pick themselves up and brush themselves off when they need to
  • The understanding to appreciate life and all that comes with it
  • Have common sense 
  • Have enough humility to know when you are wrong and seek help when necessary
  • Know the importance of friendships. Be a good friend.
  • Have compassion for others. Not everyone starts out with a strong foundation and you don't know what battle another is fighting.
  • Have empathy for others. 

May they always shine as bright as they do today! Their love is all I need and I thank God everyday for bringing them to me.

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