Monday, February 10, 2014

Goddess And The Nasty Face Plant

Message I left on my Facebook wall Friday:

My little girl took a nasty fall tonight and thank God is OK. I have never seen so much blood come out of someone I love face before. Think she learned a hard lesson and will not be doing what she did again but it is her words I keep hearing in my head that will be there long after the swelling goes down. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Please don't tell Daddy ,Mommy I"m scared and I love you Mommy. Ugh my heart hurts.

Here is what happened a la Golden Girl Sophia style. Circa 6:45 Feb 7, 2014. Cub Scout meeting, lunch room. Dreaded colorful and obviously enticing poles (I know because every kid at the elm school as spun around them at least once). Little girl takes a spin, slips, face slams into unforgiving floor. Slowly gets up, mom is on the way, hands cover face, blood drips through. Not a pretty sight. Much assessing, blood coming from lips, guns and nose, ice, tears, tissues and finally asked for something to eat at 845. I checked on her at least 15 times during the night and stopped myself from wanting to pick her up and hold her. I probably would have if I could have.

She is much better now but the lip still looks a mess. She wouldn't let me take a photo this morning.

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  1. I can hear Sophia saying, "picture it.." love the Golden Girls and hope your girl is feeling better.


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