Sunday, November 10, 2013

Make Your Loved Ones Phone A Personal Safety Device With A Free App For Droids and IPhones

Now that my son is at the Middle School with many more after school activities I am eager to get him a cellphone so that I can get in touch with him when I have someone other than me picking him up. Over the past three weeks I  have been working which means sometimes there is a scramble to organize a pick up and Handsome needs to wait until someone can get there then I have to wait to get a phone call from whomever is picking him up or getting him from the bus stop.  React Mobile is the first app I would put on his phone. I just put it on mine and asking my family especially my nieces to do the same.

With React Mobile after you download it. You literally have a personal safety device like no other. It even has a "follow me" real time tracking. You select the people you want to know your coordinates. It is your own personal tracker so others will know when you have made it to your destination or not!  If you find yourself in danger you simply push a button, and a silent SOS with the your GPS location is sent to your personally selected emergency contacts via email, text message. Your potential attacker will never know. There is even a 911 alert button! No phone should be without this!

This is perfect for:
  • Any and All kids!
  • Family and friends away at college
  • Runners, Joggers, and Bikers. (I have running friends who go out early to get those 6-8 miles in before the sun even rises.  Yes, I did say 6-8 miles!
  • Hikers
  • People meeting new friends on dating sites


Pretty much everyone!  I would feel so much better knowing this app was on everyone's phone! There is even a way to cancel an alert if you see that all is copacetic.

If you are getting your child a phone this holiday season, install this on their phone and show them how to use it. It could save a life!

Your cell phone can't ward off bad people or situations but with this app you now have help at your fingertips. 

This was brought to you by and React Mobile.

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