Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Get That TV On The Wall!

OK..people here's my living room!  It's not a great room but it's what I got. The kids Wii games and favorite DVD's, Skylanders, the fireplace which for some reason Teach didn't light tonight, and the couch comforter are basically what takes up this part of the room. It's not a big room but with the TV stand from the old tube TV taking up 2 feet of the corner so much space is wasted. I am dying to get that TV on the wall!

With that said, we have been researching on many television mount websites the best way to do it. We know we need a mantle, something quick that will make sure the soot from the fireplace doesn't make it's way into the TV. Soot in the innards can do nothing good to our set. We also know that we need something that is moveable depending on where in the room we are. If on the couch we want something that allows us to point the TV down so we are not straining our necks to see it. We also know we want something so if we are in the dining room and the football game is on, the boys will still sit with us at the table.

Who knew there were so many different types of wall mounts?

Any suggestions?

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