Friday, May 25, 2012

We Took The Crasin Challenge - See Our Results PLUS A GIVEAWAY

Goddess, Handsome and I took the challenge. Handsome took it today because I wanted to get the review up and 2 out of 3 of us like the Craisins by Ocean Spray better. A positive that came out of this challenge is that Handsome now likes raisins. He didn't know what I was going to give him so he had no chance to say no. He ate the first one which was a Crasin followed by the raisin. He like #2 better. He doesn't like anything sweet so I am so happy he tried it and likes it. He has had two handfuls today.

As for the Crasins we need to buy another bag because Goddess took them as snack all week. is what I know:

Craisins come in 4 varieties: Original, Blueberry, Cherry & Pomegranate (we want to try them all).

Retail Price: $2.67 (6 ounce)
$4.34 (12 ounce - Original variety only)
You probably already know that Craisins® Dried Cranberries taste good and add a tart and tangy twist to any recipe, but did you know that they’re good for you to? Craisins® Dried Cranberries pack a lot of powerful nutrition into one little berry.

DID YOU KNOW? Craisins® Dried Cranberries have double the antioxidants and the same amount of sugar as the leading brand of raisins, plus unique cranberry health benefits.

A 1/3 cup of Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries provides the same urinary tract health benefits as one serving of cranberry juice cocktail. Craisins® Dried Cranberries are fat-free, cholesterol-free and have no artificial flavors, preservatives or trans-fat and are a good source of fiber to help curb your hunger longer than many snacks.

Here is our Blind Taste Test Results 



Adding a dash of dried fruit during meals or snack time is a great way to get an extra serving of fruit any time. In fact, 1/4 cup Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries equals one serving of fruit or ½ cup of fresh fruit. So the next time you reach for raisins, grab Craisins® Dried Cranberries instead – they can punctuate any meal or snack time with a healthy, delicious twist!


Toss Craisins® Dried Cranberries into yogurt, hot or cold cereal or add a healthy kick to everydaybreakfast foods.

Give a traditional salad a zesty twist by adding Craisins® Dried Cranberries for a sweet and tangy punch.

Create the perfect glaze or dipping sauce to spice up your favorite meat or fish dish.

Find out more about Craisins:

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  1. Your daughter is adorable!
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  2. I'd add them to morning glory muffins instead of raisins!


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