Friday, May 04, 2012

Roseanne Season 4 DVD GIVEAWAY

The 411 by Maria:

George Clooney shows up in a moose suit! Who couldn't love this season?

This is one of my favorite seasons. Roseanne is life!  Great characters and great comedic writing.

I love Darlene and Dan's relationship. This father and daughter have a very loving relationship but when Darlene starts having growing pains and feels like the recent changes in her life have changed everything, things become more stressful for the Connors. Black clothes, laying around, high school is hard for some to adjust to and Darlene is having trouble. The stress of jobs, not enough money, life, kids add to your typical middle American dream. We have all been there at one time or another and can all relate.  Roseanne is working and is starting to feel left out of the everyday family life.

This season the cast has grown and the newest members add tremendously to the show.

What I loved about Roseanne is how real the show was. Maybe all families aren't as funny as the Connors but they all make fun of each other, they all hang out together and most parents do go out of their way to get through to their kids while having fun doing it. In the end, all families have a good time while driving each other crazy. At the bottom of it all there is a whole lot of love!

Some Highlights:

Jackie is a truck driver and Becky has her first job, Dan has a motorcycle shop and DJ is well, just DJ.  Dan and Mark become friends after Mark defends Becky to her boss.

Jackie and Roseanne head out to meet their father's girlfriend after their mom kicks him out of the house after hearing this affair has been going on for 20 years.   Fun road trip episode most of it taking place in Jackie's truck.

One of my favorite episodes is called Santa Claus with Roseanne playing Santa with Jackie playing Mrs. Claus complete with snap shot of Santa photos. Hysterical.

Oh and we get introduced to Darlene's future boyfriend, Mark's boyfriend's brother who oddly introduces himself as Kevin instead of David.  Darlene experiences love for the first time!

When Roseanne ends up in bed due to her bad back, Roseanne's mom moves in to take care of her.  After going to the doctor she has to decide if she should have a breast reduction to lessen the stress put on her back every day much to Dan's dismay. In the hospital during a dream sequence her doctor is Doogie Howser's Neil Patrick Harris.

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  1. I enjoyed your review for the Roseanne season 4 giveaway that you're currently hosting. It would be great if they could bring the series back with all-new episodes, with the original cast. I'm sure the fan base is still there. I think it would be a hit, if they ever did.


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