Sunday, April 01, 2012

Searching for The Words Sparks A Memory

Handsome has recently started doing a lot of Word Search puzzles. This was something I loved doing as a kid too! When I was a kid we didn't have access to all these word find books like my kids do because we always were, struggling to pay the bills and buy food for the family so mom made up her own. She would sit and make tons of word search puzzles with themes (president names, food, holidays, months, days of the week, etc).  She would sit and neatly, write rows of letters with a few hidden words.
As I sit here watching my son do his word search puzzle I am so proud of him and thankful that he has allowed me to remember my mom in a way that shows how much she loved me. She worked, took care of the house, took care of us, had many friends and family, but still found time to create fun, educational puzzles.

The month of April brings mom to the forefront of my mind because she passed in April. It was April 1978 but some years it feels like it was just yesterday.

It saddens me that she isn't here to create word searches for my son. I bet she would be amazed at how smart he is. 

Maybe this week, I will sit and create a few for Handsome to do for Spring Break!


  1. What a great memory, and a wonderful thing your mom did! Do you still have any of the word search puzzles she created? If you find one, it would make a great framed heirloom! :)

  2. Thank you Heather! I wish I did have some of the puzzles she created. That would be wonderful.
    Thank you for taking time to comment.


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