Saturday, March 19, 2011

Self Portrait Sunday - March 19, 2011

I hope to see your smiling face! This day flew by. Went to Handsome's Soccer Tournament which lasted tooo long but was so worth it because his team came in second!

This was taken on Friday at a friend's house. The weather was gorgeous and the baby was sleeping. Easy 1/2 hour baby sitting gig. So easy, I refused money for it. I just enjoyed the weather and checked the baby.

self portrait

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  1. I see boob! Cover up woman! LOL

  2. Saw this comment from Blackberry and worried that I put up the wrong picture. Had to run home and make sure on a bi screen. LOL. You freaked me out. Thanks for getting my blood moving nice and early girlfriend.

    No boob, just some skin. Thank God!

  3. I actually LOVE this perspective and no boobage showing.
    I think this was a great way to take a picture, I never would have thought of taking one like this, I'll have to try this some time. LOVE IT!!


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