Wednesday, March 09, 2011

ABC Wednesday - H

H = Hugging? Yes, I am questioning this title because, he was actually "hating" the hug. This was his photo moment and she just jumped right in. Poor kid. I feel bad for both because two seconds later, she was wearing that pout.

H = Hit. Playing in the snow makes some of us sitting ducks for that great, big, flying snow ball. Thankfully, both kids have a sense of humor and snowballs to the head thrown without malice elicit laughter.
Snow in the Face


  1. hey, I'll take the hug from my girl anytime; she hasn't outgrown it yet.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Awesome shots, and both of them look like they had a blast!

  3. Love the second shot! I am now your follower.
    Come and see my letter H, have a nice day.

  4. Both of those are really great--I love the "why, I oughtta" look on Handsome's face--priceless!


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