Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amateur Book Review - P.S. I Love You

Amateur Book Review - P.S. I Love You

I finished P.S. I Love You By Cecelia Ahern about 3 days and have been putting this post together since.

In 4 words, I didn't like it.

I was loaned this book by a dear friend who also didn't like it, however, like me wanted to see how it ended.

For me, the concept was great but the story was about 300 pages longer than it needed to be.

Writing was wordy, too many characters without story lines, and the main character lack depth.

The book was an International best seller, that was made into a movie with Hillary Swank, and I am still not sure why, other than the book was written so detailed (and not in a good way) it could be a movie script.
The premise of the book was very mature. Holly's husband passes away from a brain tumor and leaves her envelopes to open every month to help her cope with his passing. The writing though was wordy, dialogue was unnecessary and juvenile.

Never did I feel compassion for Holly, I couldn't stand her or her friends. Also, the million members of her family were completely unnecessary and I truly hated the anti climatic ending.

I would love to see this concept done by another author and I am interested in seeing the movie which I hear is quite different than the book. I should hope so.

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