Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Summer Has Started But It Doesn’t Feel Like It

 Life is interesting. Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel just going through my life without really living. Work, chores, home life, appointments and trying to get a little time to do what I enjoy which for the past few years has been memory keeping. 

I use to take the summer off to be with my kids but now they are older and money is necessary in this life so I only take 2 days a week until back to the grind in September. 

Hopefully I can do some of the day trips I’ve saved on my phone to feel like I have done something with my life. Nothing big just a few things that are fairly close and my daughter would probably enjoy. 

My son works weekends and one day a week for now and since he doesn’t drive we need to bring him there. I am in no rush for him to be on the road so that we have to worry more about him but for his future we have been pushing him to get his permit plus we aren’t here forever. He needs to be self sufficient before our time ends. No one is getting any younger. 

Hopefully I can get both kids driving this summer and know that they are working on becoming the amazing adults I know they will be. 

What are your plans for the summer? How do you make sure you are not just living but really LIVING?

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