Saturday, June 24, 2023

Danger Is Rising - The Flood - A Review

The Flood is a 2023

Directed by Brandon Slagle (Arena WarsAttack of the UnknownThe DawnCrossbreedHouse of MansonDead Sea) from a screenplay written by Chad Law and Josh Ridgway. Produced by Daemon Hillin.

The movie stars Casper Van Dien (The Most Dangerous GameAssailantDead WaterAlpha WolfStarship Troopers), Nicky Whelan (ManeaterTragedy Girls), Louis MandylorDevanny Pinn, Randy Wayne, Kim DeLonghi, Ryan Francis, Mike Ferguson, Eoin O’Brien and Randall J. Bacon.

Cast and characters:
Casper Van Dien … Russell Cody
Nicky Whelan … Sheriff Jo Newman
Louis Mandylor … Rafe Calderon
Devanny Pinn … Sommer Edward
Randy Wayne … Dale Elkins
Kim DeLonghi … Eva Carter
Ryan Francis … Jay Stamper
Mike Ferguson … Floyd McGraw
Eoin O’Brien … ‘Big Jim’ Pruett
Randall J. Bacon … Jonathan ‘Jox’ Apone
Bear Williams … Angelo Cooper
Alex Farnham … Nate Hudson
Kelly B. Jones … Newscaster
Jonathan Samson … Deputy Markus Pine
Alexander Winters … Deputy Whitlock
John Garrett Mahlmeister … Clarence Edward
Luis Nava … Omar Vasquez

This morning I watched The Flood staring Casper Van Dien From Starship Troopers. 

Casper (Mad Heidi) plays one of 5 convicts being transported but have to stop due to a dangerous storm. They end up in a jail run by a woman. Some of Casper’s “old friends” are planning a jailbreak which he knows nothing about. That’s not the movie…what is the movie?  Well that would be the huge crocodiles who have entered the storm drains and are waiting inside the jail as the waters rise making these huge dinosaurs hard to see. 

I love horror movies. Was it scary? No! It was fun though. I found myself rooting for the alligators when it came to some of these convicts. 

What I loved:

The camera angles. The sounds of the beasts as they came up on our characters. The opening credits. Yeah….boys! Good job! I loved the way they introduced our convicts!  A pretty kick ass lead female I also loved the death rolls! It was everything I enjoy in my movies. 

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