Thursday, January 12, 2023

"5 Budget-Friendly Galentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Besties"


Whether you’re single, attached, or somewhere in the “it’s complicated” category, Valentine’s Day can still be a time to celebrate all the different "loves" in your life - especially your BFFs!! If you’re also shopping for a significant other, plus kids, a fur baby or two, the cost to share the love can climb quickly.

But don’t break up with this idea just yet! Here are five thoughtful Galentine's Day gift ideas your friends will love— that won't break your budget! 

1.     Customized self-care baskets. Got a friend who loves the spa or candle-lit baths? Put together a bundle of personal care products she can use to create some at-home "me-time": bath salts, bath bombs, essential oils, lotions, face masks, lip balm and the like. Plus, here’s a pro tip: Get the free Shopmium app and search for self-care product offers that’ll get you money back! Just set up a profile, tap the offers you like in the app, show a pic of your receipt, and watch the cash back flow into your PayPal (sometimes within hours).

2.     A special day out. Or in. Maybe your galentine loves to bake—get all the ingredients she'll need for an afternoon in the kitchen to make a few of her favorite desserts, breads, or cookies. Or maybe her love language is binge-watching with a friend. Plan an evening of wine, cocktails or mocktails, a customized charcuterie board, and let the streaming begin. Pro tip (again): Check that Shopmium app! The one full of cash back offers for everything from baking supplies to the best snack foods and delicious bevvies. (Hey, you could earn enough cash back in one shopping trip to pay for next month’s Netflix subscription.)

3.     An offer to babysit. If your bestie is a mom who needs a break, whether it’s simply sipping Starbucks in her car alone or hanging at the mall for an afternoon of retail therapy, offer to take her little one and give her some precious alone time. If you want to elevate your BFF status even higher, give her a basket of baby stuff that she probably goes through way faster than she’d like—diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, teething cookies, etc. That’ll let her feel like she can go splurge a little on herself. (Plus—tons of baby offers are just at the click of a button in the Shopmium app, so you can get some cash back on those purchases. too)

4.     Tickets to a show, concert, movie, exhibit, or anything that says, “let’s get out of the house.” Still feeling a little homebound even post pandemic? It’s time to trade those sweats and yoga pants for the latest high rise mom-jean trend (or, gasp, a dress) and rejoin society. Tickets for two to an event is a great way to get out get social, beat the winter blues, and make some fun new memories with your BFF.

5.     A handwritten letter in a pretty card. That’s right—you don’t have to spend anything, really, to give a meaningful gift, and if your bestie's love language is words of affirmation, this will fit like a glove. How often do we forget to tell our besties what we love best about them? Even platonic friendships need a little TLC, and if you think your galentine would dig it, write her a letter about all her wonderful qualities or reasons you think she’s the bomb or about a time when she went above and beyond for you. And if you feel like adding a little something extra - attach it to a small box of chocolates!

Cheers to a Happy Galentine’s Day with your besties—and a wad of cash back for your wallet.


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