Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Virus Contained


I work in Daycare and have been able to fight off most viruses over the past two years. This year it seemed like every time I turned around, someone was testing positive but I still kept on chugging until last Tuesday. I felt really tired when I got home from work and my back and neck hurt. This is normal working in Daycare but when I got on my yoga mat to stretch my joints hurt. Like really hurt. My arms felt like they couldn’t hold my plank and downward dog and child’s pose felt like the only thing I could muster. Wow, I thought; I’m out of shape. 

When I woke the next morning (Wednesday), to started the coffee and took my temp like I’ve been doing every morning and night for two years. Expecting all to be well, I looked and was about to rinse the thermometer when I saw 99.4. Huh? I text my boss to tell her I wouldn’t be in. While this isn’t a temp that in a perfect world would keep most people home, this was the first elevation for me and I do not want to bring anything into my already stressed workplace or get any of my classroom kids sick. Less than an hour later, I couldn’t smell a thing. I had been spraying Lysol when I realized I couldn’t smell it. I opened my vitamins, no smell, my essential oil, no smell and This was when I thought “nooooooo, it got me.”

My quarantined room

I wrote to my boss letting her know the new situation and she asked me to test. It seemed obvious to me and I was just going to quarantine but she explained she needed it to quarantine the class. I will do anything for my class. I also called the school to tell them my kids would not be in. 

Thankfully, other than being tired, no appetite or sense of smell I have been fine. I am however, very aware of my nose. Why?! It is so strange. I guess the inflammation is bad in there. 

My daughter set a cot up for me in the family room and by Friday morning I knew it was time to take her to the doctor. Thursday and Friday she woke with a headache and was complaining of a stiff back.  We spent Monday and Tuesday watching movies together so it would make sense.

I called for her results on Monday and was told positive. 

Great! Expected!

So here we are, day 1,003 I mean, Day 6 and while I am feeling ok, I still have a cough which I find normal considering I always have a drip. My husband has a “cold” from working 24 hours during the last storm and my son seems to be doing fine thank God.

We have managed to clean the house, do laundry, the kids have done online school, and we are knee deep in Netflix but as well as can be expected. 

While I cannot taste anything, I can tell the difference between salty and sweet. Preferring sweet but probably because I am on day 22 of Keto so sweet has been missed.

My suggests to you if you find yourself positive is rest! We do our best healing while sleeping.

Put Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet and chest. A friend mentioned, inside nose and behind ears but I have not done that. 

Take NyQuil at night. Keeps the cough at bay and I have slept for over 7 hours a night. This never happens. I am usually lucky if I get 4.50 hours of sleep according to my iWatch. 

Take Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc

Drink lots of liquids. I do about 6 glasses of water and two cups of hot water with lemon, cinnamon and honey.

Eat eve if you are not hungry. It gives you strength. The first two days I only had chicken broth and a scrambled egg. I wasn’t hungry but knew it was important to eat. 

Get fresh air even if you crack open a window and stand by it. It’s cold out but fresh air and sun is important especially if you are quarantined in the basement. 

I wish you all health and hope you are having a blessed day. I cannot wait to be past this and ironclad for 90 days. Whelp that is what I’ve been hearing anyway. The weirdest virus. Highly contagious but thankfully, manageable. Thank you Jesus.

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