Thursday, December 16, 2021


A good performing artist has put in the hard work and training necessary to succeed. True performing artists' passion for what they do will supersede their desire for money or fame, although these may also follow after increased fans. If you are looking to become a performing artist, then it does help if you have a healthy dose of the below traits:


Creativity is among the most important traits of a good performing artist. This is because their creativity will push them to experiment and try new things to create something great; it allows them to use their imagination to develop original ideas like Dan Avidan. Without creativity, true art cannot be made.


Passion is key for any artist, performing or not. Without it, the drive to continue when times get tough will be absent, and the artist's work will suffer as a result. A performing artist must have the passion for spending countless hours rehearsing and perfecting their routine. They must also have a passion for pleasing their fans by putting on the best show possible.


No one ever became a great artist without discipline. This quality allows artists to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve things they never thought possible. A performing artist must have the discipline to maintain their focus during long rehearsals and stay in top condition; this quality will also help them deal with any setbacks.


Without imagination, a performing artist would be limited to what already exists and could never dream of anything new. They will rely on their imagination to create something unique, powerful, or influential. 


A performing artist must have the charisma to engage with their audience and connect emotionally. This quality will help the artist create a rapport with the audience and feel like part of the show.


A performing artist must be confident to put on a good show. They cannot let their nerves get the best of them, or they will stumble and fall during their performance. A performing artist must also be confident in themselves and their abilities, which will give them the drive to push themselves further.


An artist's opinion separates them from the rest of the world. They must have an opinion on everything they do to give their work meaning and purpose; this unique opinion will define who you are as a performing artist and allow you to get noticed over other artists.


Without versatility, a performer can only be limited to one style or theme of performing art. An artistic performer needs to perform traditional tasks easily and know when and where to try something new and innovative instead.


The performing artist's vision allows them to see beyond others' eyes and think about things differently. This trait is necessary to succeed in any field, but especially so for performing artists who need to see the potential in their work.

Work Ethic

Last but not least, a performing artist must have a good work ethic to succeed. This means that they must be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve their goals. It also requires them to be professional and reliable.


Working hard, taking criticism well, and having patience are all qualities that a performing artist should have, as these allow them to stay composed during stressful or difficult situations. It also allows them to show respect toward others even if they are not treated respectfully. 

These qualities will allow performing artists to succeed at whatever they set out to do, whether it be becoming rich and famous or simply doing what they love for their reasons. While not all performing artists will have every quality listed above, having most is a good foundation for building a successful career.

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