Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Like Dogs From Terror Films - A Review #likedogs


From director Randy Van Dyke, and starring Annabel Barrett (the upcoming “Clifford the Big Red Dog”) and Ignacyo Matynia (“Luke Cage”), witness the terror of Like Dogs this October.

Abducted, and treated like animals, 2 university students are unwilling participants in a behavioral experiment gone horribly wrong. It gets personal when the pair learn they’ve each been specifically targeted. Once people start dying it’s a race to escape and survive.


From Terror Films, Like Dogs is available on Digital.

The 411:

Well now! This was a movie! Treated like dogs in a laboratory by a demented over the top mad man, woman. Well you see that is where the plot holes are. I was definitely interested from the beginning. A woman is dragged into a van, she wakes in a cage, chained to a wall eating food out of a bowl. Wait, there is another guy also there. He is chained too. Plot twist...not gonna tell you but I was like Wait! WHAT?! No! That's insane. BUT then another plot twist and that is where I got lost. 

Low budget film but that was okay for me. The set or I should say the dog cages seemed like real dog cages and that worked well with the narrative, the lead actress was great. The thought of psychological test on unwilling subjects was interesting but the twists made it seem like the film makers were trying too hard. Wasn't torture to watch just wish they had stuck with one angle. 


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary screener for my honest opinion. NO monetary compensation was offered. 

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