Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Welcome Your Kid into Adulthood with These 21st Gift Ideas



The 21st birthday is a time that everybody remembers fondly. In many cultures, its when a parent welcomes their kid into adulthood. Its traditional to give kids an extra meaningful gift that theyll remember for the rest of their life on their 21st birthday. Stuck for ideas? Try these ideas:




In the United States, 21 is the legal drinking age. In the UK and Australia its 18, so they would have had a few years practice, but many bars are 21+ because when youre 21, your relationship with alcohol tends to be a bit more mature. To celebrate this maturity, some drinkware makes a great gift – whether ita personalized set of glasses or a crystal decanter. 


Some Nice Shades


A good pair of sunglasses are both probably out of your kids price range and something that they will be able to wear long into their adulthood if they take care of them. There are many brands to choose from, but there are some that are more renowned than others. 


A Watch


A good watch is one of the classic 21st gifts for men, but its also a good choice for women. Its something that can be used and treasured for many years. A classic choice is a Rolex, but few can afford those – nowadays there are countless interesting and unique options to choose from; as long as its unique, itll be well appreciated. 


A Party


You might not be the best person to throw your adult child a party (its likely that youre not in touch with whats hip) but youll definitely be welcome to bankroll it. Whether its just a house party or something more unique, planning the party with your soon-to-be 21-year-old can be a great bonding activity, great fun and highly appreciated. Just make sure you surprise them with a special cake! Custom cakes are a great idea, but if you cant afford those, 21st birthday cake toppers can make any cake special.


A Special Fragrance 


When you come of age, its a good idea to have a grown-up cologne, eau de toilette or perfume as the punctuation mark for your identity. Being given a scent out of the blue will surely be appreciated, but it will be even more special if you make a day of it and go to a perfume counter to learn more, try out different styles and pick one that suits them the most. They will really feel proud to wear such an extension of themselves. 


Some Meaningful Art 


Art is a very mature gift to receive and a piece of art that really speaks to the recipient will be treasured for the rest of their life. This doesnt have to be an expensive piece by any means, it just has to have great personal meaning. If you have any artistic talent, it could even be something that you make yourself – perhaps a portrait of your family or your pets! Whatever it is, as long as there is thought, care and love it is sure to be thankfully welcome.

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