Saturday, July 18, 2020

How To Pray

Most Christians will say that prayer is an important part of faith, but they don't always know how to teach others to do it. Here are a few tips for those who are new to prayer or need a fresh start in their prayer life.

Share Your Thoughts

Prayer is the primary way that Christians foster their personal relationship with God. As with any relationship, it is built on honesty and trust. You don't need to impress God with flowery language or by keeping up a brave appearance. God knows your heart already, so it just makes sense to say simple, honest things when you pray. Offer up your cares and accept God's comfort.

Sing Your Praise

As long as people have known there was a God to worship, song has been a part of it. King David sang and danced before the Lord. The Bible is full of exhortations to use music as a means of worship. It can also be a good way to pray. Praying the words that the saints have written is a powerful experience on its own. Setting the prayers to music gives you another way to express your love and commitment to God.

Make It a Habit

Some people find that their prayer life is lacking simply because they don't make time for it. Scheduling a time to talk to God may feel odd at first, but soon you will likely find that you are looking forward to the time every day. If you pray first thing in the morning, it can start your day off right. Nighttime prayers can help you relax and give you a more peaceful sleep. No matter when you pray, make an intentional effort to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Pray gets easier the more you do it. With these tips and faithful practice, you can improve your prayer life.

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