Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Benefits of Adult Foster Care Services

As the number of elderly adults continues to increase in the coming years, so too does the need for proper care for their specific needs. Traditional care for the elderly includes nursing homes or other facility-type living situations where large numbers of people reside together under the care of a full staff of nurses, cooks and housekeepers, and activity specialists. Many are choosing alternatives for their loved ones that will allow patients to reside in more of a home setting where they can receive more personalized attention and care.

Personal Care

One of the more difficult challenges the elderly may face is the loss of independence as their ability to care for themselves diminishes over time. Having to move to a facility can further solidify this feeling, which can lead to depression that further hinders their quality of life. An attractive alternative may be adult foster care service massachusetts or other locations close to the patient’s home and family. In this setting, the patient moves to a home rather than a facility and receives help in personal care such as eating, bathing, and dressing. They are often also active participants in performing household chores, meal preparation, and other daily activities with the help and supervision of their caregivers.

Mental Care

An added benefit to adult foster care is the location of the home to which they move. Often times, residences are part of an existing neighborhood or community, providing easier access to local shopping and outdoor activities, as well as people outside of the healthcare system for more opportunities for community integration and relationship building. All activities are monitored by caregivers to ensure a safe experience for all involved.
The ability to continue to live in a familiar home-like environment can be a more rewarding experience for the elderly patient. While independence is naturally diminished no matter the type of care received, the impact on their mental well-being and overall quality of life can be lessened in this environment.

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