Monday, May 27, 2019

5 Home Improvements Worth Putting on Your To-Do-List

It’s easy to get swept away with improving our homes at the start of each new year. We tend to throw our time and efforts into planning lavish updates and how to make our homes appear more luxe, eager for a new year’s resolution that will last.

Fast forward to a few months down the line, and many of us find that we still haven’t made a start on them.

Don’t worry if you fall victim to this. By limiting your
home improvement to-do list to a much smaller ‘do-able’ list, you’ll find your plans are much more manageable.

They key is to look at the ones which will instantly add value, in terms of your own enjoyment and for the house price.

Below are five key improvements which are completely worth your time, effort, and money.  

1. Look at door replacement

Although not always the first thing on your mind, the doors you have in and around your home make a huge statement. Your front door is one of the main doors you should pay attention to, after all, you know what they say about ‘curb appeal.’

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your front door is in excellent condition.

Your front door will represent your home, so a smart design representative of the theme of your home is a must.

Ensure you assess all the doors around the home, too. Back and front doors work well when they let light in through window panel use, and bedroom doors should be solid and well-painted.

2.  Update your patio

If you want to make a great first impression to any guests, the outdoor additions to your home should top your improvement list.

You would be surprised at how much neighbors can judge you and your home from peeking in at your yard. Look at working on creating a neater, tidier backyard complete with a beautiful patio this summer. When it comes time to sell your property, potential buyers will be much more enthused if they know they don’t have to plan in a full outdoor makeover project.

Above all, having a backyard complete with decking areas, neat fences, luscious grass, and pretty flower beds is a joy all round to spend time in.

3. Make use of unused space

Do you have an attic or a basement which doesn’t get any use, other than for storage? If so, make it something to update this year if your funds allow. By utilizing this unused space, you can create an extra bedroom, an office, or even a home gym.
Of course, this project requires a lot of work, and it depends on what state the spaces are currently in. Attics which have been unused for years tend to have layers of dust, but they will also need checking from unsafe flooring and holes in the roof.
It's wise to bring in the experts to ensure your attic is a safe place before starting any renovation tasks. For example, attic projects services, such as Attic Cleaning Company, will fully provide all cleaning and attic insulation needs.

4. An extra bathroom

Whether you have a growing family, or just want to make use of the space in your home, adding an extra bathroom is a worthwhile home update.

You’ll find that many new home developments are built with homes that either has a downstairs bathroom or an ensuite to the main bedroom. The demand for homes with two bathrooms is increasingly growing, and no doubt it will increase the value of your home significantly.

5. Add decking to your garden

We mentioned above that any outdoor additions are vital for updating your home, so following on from this is to invest in decking. Perhaps you already have decking in your rear garden which needs improving, or, you may have suitable space to create a decking area.

If you implement a large wooden decking area to your garden, it instantly creates a new space designed to relax, host BBQ’s or use as a place for children to play away from the grass. That aside, good quality decking can work wonders to create a smart new layout and structure to your garden.

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