Thursday, April 19, 2018

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Pink Is For Boys by Robb Pearlman - My Boy Loves Pink

Pink Is For Boys should be on every book shelf. I loved it! I am not sure what this says about people as a whole but so many believe specific colors belong to a specific sex. When I found out I was having a girl one of my sister-in-laws heard I was going to be putting her in the "nursery" which had been painted blue to go with a Sun, Moon, Stars/Noah's Ark theme. She said, "Oh at least you have time to change the color of the room to pink. I asked why she thought I was going to change it and she responded, "well you are having a girl." I had grown up in a blue room. It was my favorite color and I never saw it as a boy or girl color.
My Kids dressed for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

When my son was 4 my daughter received a Dora kitchen for Christmas. My son loved playing with it as well as her Loving Family Doll House and her doll carriage. When my nieces came to visit they said, "OMG you are playing with girl toys and laughed." I lovingly informed them that their younger cousin didn't see them as "GIRL TOYS" but as toys.

Fast forward to age 12 and my son wanted to wear a pink hat and eventually asked for a pink t-shirt. My husband started teasing that he was his daughter and would not let my son wear that pink shirt if he was going to be with him. I remember telling him that all the boys in school wear pink and when I was in charge of favorite colors during an event at school, pink won by far with the boys. My husband has come far in almost 3 years and owns a pink tie.

What is it about us that wants to label people, colors, toys, etc.? We can wear whatever color we want and that is exactly what this book states.

Done with brilliant illustrations by Eda Kaban kids are told that every color is for everyone.  The colors are compared to things we see around us. Like Green is for Girls and boys and grass to run on.

I recommend this book to everyone.

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