Tuesday, April 17, 2018

THE NEW NEIGHBORS A Psychological Thriller By Simon Lelic #TheNewNeighbors #NetGalley


The 411:

ONE NIGHT AND DONE! I loved this book. 

The chapters are broken down into our two lead characters; Jack and Syd's prospectives which really adds depth and detail to the story. I love this format. It helps me really understand each character better especially when their view overlaps. One of my favorite story writing formulas but this one was different. They are actually responding to what the other writes. I LOVED IT!

Jack and Syd are searching for their dream house. While looking at the  house of their dreams they realize when looking around there will be no way they can compete with all the action this house is getting. There are so many interested families but like in a dream they are the winning bid!  Not only do they get an amazing house but they also get all the things left inside it by the previous owner. 

One night Jack finds something in the attic that chills him to the bone but keeps it to himself only giving Syd half truths. Syd makes a friend in a troubled teen who lives next door and finds their lives are very similar and not in good ways. These girls both have suffered at their hands of their fathers.

Past and present dance beautifully in this dark, psychological thriller about dealing with your past and payback! It was literally surprised with the twist that came toward the end. AGAIN...Did I say I LOVED IT? 

Great book! Great writing! Great characters.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary eBook from Netgalley for my honest opinion.

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