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A Book For The Reluctant Teen Reader: The Tukors Journey by Jeannine Kellogg

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One of the big quandaries for parents these days is how to get kids—especially boys—to read more. One popular method for how to do this is to infuse books with what is essentially stereotypical humor for 13-year-old boys (think fart jokes and their ilk). Jeannine Kellogg, with her new action adventure threaded with sci-fi The Tukor’s Journey (March 2, 2018), creates a book that will appeal especially to this hard-to-reach audience, but with a very different tactic than offering cheap humor — and her decision to do so was very intentional.

 “We live in dark times,” says Kellogg. “I didn’t want to write a book with shallow crudity scattered through the story. There’s plenty of that out there already. Kids are sorting through the serious and confusing concerns of our time, and they don’t need more hollow “potty humor” thrown at them which only demeans their character and narrows their potential. I wanted to allegorize the dark realities of our times but provide the encouragement to seek a greater calling.” The Tukor’s Journey uses compelling language and storytelling ideas to tell a story that is captivating and page-turning from the first word, and it provides the inspiration for readers of all levels to rise above our struggles and persevere towards a deeper mission.

About The Book:

Siblings Mitch, Tony, and Jovi discover that mysterious creatures called Grezniks are close to achieving their mission: blowing up Earth and shattering Life to bits. Over the centuries, Grezniks have nearly succeeded many times. But each time, their efforts have been foiled by Tukors and their allies. Now, Grezniks are closer than ever before, and no one knows if any Tukors are left in the world to stop them.

The Tukor's Journey is an epic action adventure. Chock-full of faraway lands. Volcanoes. Mountains. Tundra. Tropical forests. Raging rivers. Steamy geysers. Farms. Big cities. Tractors flying at the speed of sound. Blue stones that defy the laws of physics. And lots of real life creatures. And Grezniks. Vicious. Deadly. Unfathomable strength and speed. Seeping through the world unseen--slippery, crawly, swift. Soon they'll be ready to blow up Earth into tiny pieces. Three kids are unexpectedly invited to help defeat the Grezniks, but will they have the courage to join the battle?

The 411:

I loved this book! It draws you in from the very first page. It felt like the kind of storytelling that was reminiscent of my childhood the kind of story that is told for generations. Ms. Kellog's approach to the two different story lines of the siblings and the history of the Tukor and Grezniks definitely creates an intriguing book.

This is definitely a book that kids and adults can sink their teeth into with humor, science fiction, drama, mystery, geography, history, and time travel. I cannot wait for my son to read this book so we can discuss it together. I may have to re-read it with him because the size of the book may intimidate him.  Nothing to fear though. The story moves quick!

My question for Jeannine is? Are you a Bon Jovi fan?

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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