Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Guitar Lessons With My Daughter

I love Thursdays because it is the night my daughter has guitar lessons. We leave before it gets dark and I stand for the next hour listening to her learn to play the guitar. There are plenty of places to sit but I like to stand and pace listening to her instructor teach her the notes, how to get a better sound, how to let the notes resonate and how naturally good she is. I bet he says this to all his students but I honestly think she is good.

My dream is that one day she and her dad will be able to play something together. When she said she wanted to take guitar the first thing I thought was hooray, this is something that will bring you and your dad closer. He has football with Handsome but not much in common with Goddess other than she is very much like him; not terribly mushy, very smart and extremely quick witted.  For practice she is using her Daddy's acoustic which also makes me so happy.

It makes me so happy that we are in a place to provide lessons for her at this point. I don't know how everyone does it. Affording vacations, feeding the kids, buying new clothes, putting them in activities that will make them better people and more. I see the posts on Facebook and while I am happy for everyone often wonder how they do it. How do they afford it?  For now we can but I constantly inform her that if she doesn't practice outside of her lessons she will not be able to take more classes. While I am proud of her I think it is a privilege to take music lessons. It certainly isn't cheap.

signing the wall at the music studio

For now I will continue taking her and forcing her to put in at least 15 minutes a night of practice time and at bed time I will pray for her continued interest and the one day I won't have to remind her to practice because if I have to remind her she obviously isn't really that interested.

Getting back to the first photo...when we leave it is dark out and the sky has that ombre look that forces us to both look up and My phone didn't do the moon, star and gorgeous sky any justice but we snapped a pic and walked hand in hand to the car with the guitar in her other hand.

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