Monday, December 05, 2016

The Cabbage Patch Baby So Real Is So Cool

Cabbage Patch Kids are back and I wish these were around when I was a kid. The Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real are so interactive. We are still learning our baby but love the cool expressive LCD Eyes. She says so many things and has various sensors on her body (head, belly, feet and cheeks) so you can play with them like a real baby. Kids will love them!

Baby So Real also comes with a change of outfit, a bottle, a medicine spoon and of course adoption papers.

The baby responds to being rocked, feed, tickles, playing peek-a-boo, burped, diaper changing and more. AND if the baby gets sick, her cheeks get red but that's OK you can make her all better with a spoonful of Baby So Real Medicine. The best thing about her are her eyes. She has so many different expressions.

That is not all, since kids are all hooked up to electronics these days, The folks over at the Cabbage Patch/Wicked Cool Toys created an App that works with baby.  Baby has Bluetooth and the app is free. You can use it with the baby or without. The app has many fun things for kids to do. It is created to look like you are looking at your baby on a baby monitor. If you give the baby you are holding a bottle, the baby on the app also gets a bottle. There are mini games to play and if you keep the baby happy you receive baby points which allow you to get things for the digital version of your baby. Kids will absolutely love this but parents will too. I love when my kids play things unplugged. They love their electronic games but this electronic game also comes with a toy that they can use in conjunction with the app. Genius!

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