Sunday, March 13, 2016

Asian Snack Box Rocked Our World - Fun, Yummy Snacks

Oh man we love trying snacks from all over. This one is a box of 20 snacks from Asian Snack Box. We were so excited with the amount of snacks and the diversity. Sweet and savory treats were in this box. Here are some of them.

Me and my kids love doing taste reviews and this was so much fun to experience all the very different flavors. We were also surprised as we had expected tiny versions of the snacks but there were no samples just regular sized.

The only thing that would make this box better would be a note with more information on each snack for those who are unwilling to try things they don't know. Many of the snacks had no English writing on them. We took a chance and tried everything. There was nothing we didn't like in fact there were many we loved!

Everything was completely sealed, fresh. Nothing was damaged, crushed or stale which I feel is important when ordering snacks.

If you love trying new things or want to give a gift to someone you love perhaps a student away at college, a co-worker, neighbor, or just because check this out. Less than $.05 a snack.
The box is full and comes with all the snacks under tissue paper so it is perfect for gift giving.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a discounted product for my honest opinion. My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. No monetary compensation was offered or received.


  1. Less than .05 a snack is a great deal! I think my kids and I would love to try all those different snacks. It would be nice to know what they are in English though. Is there nutrition information on the packaging?

  2. These boxes sound so delicious. I would love to try one of them out.


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