Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Clean The Natural Way With Natural Choices Plus a Discount Code

As a parent with two allergy children and one child on Spectrum who has at times severe eczema I take many precautions to not introduce a whole lot of chemicals into the house and try to keep the house as neat as possible.

We use air purifiers
Vacuum at least 3 times a week (I wish I could still do it daily).
Burn soy candles
Use Free and Clear type detergents
Use Bamboo Sheets and towels
And Use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean as often as possible.

I get really excited when I am introduced to a company that use nature based and chemical free products.

Natural Choices Cleaners not only makes products that are safe for your family and pets but their products are never tested on animals and are packaged in recyclable biodegradable materials.  

Last week I received three products to try.

Glass Cleaner
Oxy Prime Laundry Cleaner - No VOC’s, phosphates or chlorine (so important to my son's skin)
Mineral Magic which removes rust, calcium and lime stains 

I used the Glass Cleaner on my Stove Top which was cleaned yesterday morning after my husband's dinner the night before and the morning's breakfast. You can see all kinds of spill stains and hardly any reflection. Don't judge! I'm sure some of you have a worse stove top.

Here is the paper towel after I gave it a wipe down.

The newly cleaned stove top that needs a little scrapping on the burners. We do it every two to three weeks.  But you can surely see a difference.

Here is the toilet which always has those nasty rust, lime stains or whatever. We have well water and a water softener tank but need to constantly descale things.

I no longer am embarrassed and this was so quick and easy. A quick scrub with the toilet brush and it was gone. This was quite impressive to me.

The Oxy Prime is perfect for my son's laundry. We always purchase Free and Clear for his clothes or his eczema flare ups are worse.  The Oxy Prime is safe on colors and brighten whites but also has no perfumes, dyes, fillers or artificial brighteners. 

This is definitely a company I will be purchasing from in the future. 

To Try it out for yourself and get a 15% discount, please use Coupon Code BlogLover15%

If you order now the laundry detergent is on closeout.


Pacific Sands Inc., is the maker of Natural Choices cleaners as well as EcoOne natural-based, chlorine-free spa and pool treatments. Our products are all environmentally safe, effective, and packaged in recyclable materials. We make all our Natural Choices products right here in Kenosha, WI. For more info see the About Us section at oxyboost.com

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