Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walk Down Memory Lane - It's The Reading Train (July 2004) #memories

Down at the station early in the morning, See the little Puffer Bellies all in a row. See
 the engine driver pull the little handle, Chug, chug, toot, toot, Off they go.

This was a big blow up train that my sister got him for his 1st birthday. It was a ball pit too.  I wish I had kept if longer than I did. We got rid of it probably around the time that my son would have really gotten much joy out of it. It took up a lot of dining room area. Just before my daughter was born I took it down to make room for the pack and play and bassinet. I really wish I had held onto it and put it up the next year. Handsome spent so much time crawling through the train or just sitting and looking through his picture books.

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