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Four Ways to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

 Millions of people throughout North America and the entire world have type 2 diabetes. While this fact is sobering, it is by no means a cause for despair, even if you are among those who must deal with this serious condition. Here are some ways to deal with your diabetes so you can live a full and satisfying life.

Manage Your Weight

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Health experts constantly offer reminders about the long list of benefits that come from attaining and maintaining a healthy weight. If the thought of losing weight intimidates you because you feel that you have a long way to go, focus on taking small steps. An article at suggests that you focus on losing ten pounds. It seems like a much more doable task than losing 50 or 60 pounds, and it still has a positive impact on blood glucose levels.

Stay active. You don’t have to take up the training regimen of an Olympic athlete. Increasing your activity is as simple as choosing a parking space that is farther away from the entrance of a building or taking your dog for longer walks. Always look for opportunities to move. You should work your way into a regular exercise routine.

Of course, careful eating habits are essential for weight control and diabetes management. This starts with paying attention. Keep a food diary for a few weeks and write down all that you eat, and how much you eat. This will help you control your portions. Make wise food choices and don't skip meals.

Chill Out! 

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Another one of the keys to managing type 2 diabetes is controlling your stress levels. As it says at, “The amount of stress you face each day can affect your blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Learning to manage your stress may help you keep your blood sugar under control.” To help keep stress at a minimum:
  • Cultivate a positive attitude. This take some practice, but learning to look on the bright side will benefit more than just your physical health.
  • Spend time with friends. Seek out people who make you feel good. Get together for some laughs and great, healthy food.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Do things that you enjoy

Take Medications

Not all diabetics require medication, but you should stay open to the possibility. If your diagnosis is fairly recent, make sure you talk with your health care provider about the overall lifestyle changes you need to make as well as any medications that might benefit you.

Your doctor will decide which medications best fit your needs. One medication that he or she may prescribe is Januvia, which helps manage diabetes by increasing insulin production and decreasing the amount of sugar made in the liver. You can buy Januvia and most other diabetes medications in generic form if your health plan does not cover brand name prescriptions.

There are also herbs and supplements that may help control your blood sugar levels. Before starting to take any of them, thoroughly research what they supposedly do and what side effects they may cause. When you are doing your research, do not forget that your doctor is the best place you can go to for information about things that impact your health.

Stay Vigilant

Even after you settle into a healthy routine, you should not let your guard down. See your doctor for regular check-ups. Between check-ups, take note of things you want to discuss with your doctor. Some ideas for discussions with your doctor may come from free newsletters that focus on diabetes, like the ones offered by WebMD.

Don’t let your blood sugar monitor collect dust. Your doctor will let you know exactly how often you should check; the frequency depends on several different factors. It's a good idea to keep a journey of your readings so you can see patterns and check on your progress.

It’s scary and unsettling when you first learn that you have type 2 diabetes. The disease is indeed serious, but it is also manageable. Follow the above tips to help you lead a healthy and productive life.

Monitoring your Diabetes doesn't have to rule your day if you follow these 4 easy steps. 

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  1. This is some good advice. Losing weight and eliminating sugary things seems to be helpful to some people. My friend got to stop taking insulin when she did that.


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