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Handsome Handles Kindergarten Orientation 2008

May 23, 2008

Today I dropped Goddess off at my kids other “mommy” (not sure why they call her this but it is cute), house. For me, she is my ultimate pick to watch them. I have only left them 5 times in their whole little lives but this is the place that puts my mind at ease. To top up the fact that I don’t ever worry when my daughter is there is that when I walk in to pick her up there is usually a new pot of coffee brewing and breakfast or lunch is being made. Nice. If I wasn’t married, I would totally marry her.
Handsome, his Special Instructor and I headed over to the school of a morning of Kindergarten orientation, a tour, followed by the first school bus ride this chick has taken in over 30 + years. Scary!!
It was interesting to see how (if I decide to send him this year), my son’s morning will start. The three kindergarten classes meet in a community room where they will do the pledge, God Bless America, and my country tis of thee. Not only will the sing it but they will also sign it. Pretty cool. Along with that they will discuss the lunch menu for the day, talk about the date and weather for that day. Have a book written to them by “the author of the week” whose picture will be on the front board with their name, celebrate birthday’s of the day and go over the letter of the week.
All before 9:15 a.m.
Geez. Long day without my baby boy. They are in school from 8:50 – 3:20. Aarrggghhhok. I am sure eventually, over time I will be ok with this and it will become the norm (if I decide).
We took a bus ride which he was excited about for the first 5 minutes but it took so long for the bus to actually start moving, about 15 minutes that he lost his mojo and was quiet and bored the whole ride. Not that he will ever be taking a bus because I will be driving him, I just thought he would like the experience.
I know I need to cut some apron strings eventually but he is only 5 and I am in no rush to have him be independent. There have got to be moms out there like me who are in no hurry to put their babies into the school system. Today, I met none.

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