Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have Fun With Your Earrings

 I don't wear a lot of jewelry anymore but I do not leave the house without my wedding band and a pair of earrings.  If you look through my jewelry box there are a ton of earrings I have not worn  in quite some time. My hair is very long so wearing studs isn't something I do because you will never notice them.

Recently I received a package from Luc-Co.Com a company that specializes in earrings, accessories and jewelry. The three packages were interchangeable convertors for post earrings which you could make into fish hook earrings. Now that is what I am talking about! How original.

The post earring to fish hook convertors come in gold or silver and are so easy to use. Simply insert your post earring and you are done!

Goddess and I can't wait to come up with some crazy designs from my old earrings with the interchangeable fish hook. Hopefully we can create some earrings from my old 80s style pieces while using some of my more current pieces to create a one of a kind pair. 

The prices are awesome too!

Check them out here

Happy creating everyone!!!


You just attach the fashion you want to wear by sliding it on. No jump rings or special tools required. You can also create different combinations by sliding on more than one at a time.

The fish hook converters are reusable and can be used with any posts or dangles you choose.

Both these new ‘create or change’ fish hooks are designed by inventor Leonardo Moody, known for his many earring converters for women who prefer clip-ons over pierced ears, and for his highly regarded Ring Guard Solution.

The two new Fish Hook Converters are available in gold, silver (I/Rhodium), or sterling silver plating. Lead-safe and nickel free.

They are available two pair in a package, two of the same or one of each in a package. Retail cost is $5.00.

For more information visit or call Luc-Co Inc. 630-852-3586  email

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